Class Descriptions

Postural Assessment

This 55 minute private assessment will introduce you to the basic principles of Pilates and allow The PilatesBody, Inc. to design a program based on your individual needs. All new clients are required to have a postural assessment prior to participating in training at The PilatesBody, Inc.

Private Session

The PilatesBody, Inc. recommends at least five private sessions for every new client.  This will allow the client to better understand Pilates, the equipment, and their body. The individualized attention will be valuable in each subsequent session.  

Private sessions utilize a variety of apparatuses to train the client. The Reformer is the most widely used piece of equipment, but other pieces, such as the Cadillac, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel and Mat are also utilized during a private session. The client and trainer work together to improve the client's strength, agility and flexibility.

Duet Session

Duet sessions partner two clients of similar abilities with one trainer.  A variety of equipment is utilized similar to a private session.

Group Session

Group sessions are typically done on the reformer. It is during these groups that The PilatesBody, Inc. trainers try to emphasize the concept of flow. Fast paced exercises and short transitions tend to make these groups high in intensity.

Mat Classes

Mat classes are strictly performed on pilates mats. Each class can have anywhere from five to ten individuals, with the trainer focusing on cuing the group in each movement. These classes are fast-paced, and sometimes use weighted toning balls, resistance bands, fitness circles and other equipment to increase intensity.

Core Strength and Conditioning

This class places its focus on working the major muscle groups using weights, tubing and other small props. Traditional exercises such as squats, lunges, presses, rows and planks will be utilized throughout the workout. Expect to be challenged knowing that each individual with work at their own level. Modifications can be made for anyone starting out.

Circuit Class

Pilates Circuit is a great combination of cardiovascular exercise and pilates. The class is structured with 45 seconds of cardio work, followed by 45 seconds of pilates. The circuit continues with approximately 10 pilates exercises followed by cardiovascular intervals. The goal is to complete the circuit twice and keep your heart rate between 65-85% of maximum. Pilates equipment experience a must!

Personal Training

The PilatesBody, Inc. currently employs five certified personal trainers. Personal training sessions are offered as privates, duets or groups. Each session uses a variety of weighted and resistance equipment to build muscle and cardiovascular endurance. They are an excellent complement to our traditional Pilates classes.