In my mind, I am a forever athlete. My body, however, has had second thoughts on the subject in recent years. After a decades-long athletic career that spanned semi-pro, collegiate and recreational sports participation, my body finally said ‘enough’.
My usual body-punishing athletic antics were no longer an option as my joints, ligaments and back rebelled. I needed a new outlet. I craved something that would fuel my passion to be active and give back to the body that had served me so well for so long.
Seven years ago I walked into The Pilates Body studio not knowing what to expect and questioning whether I would like this thing called Pilates. Well, not only did I find out how much I like Pilates, I found a new workout family, a more effective way to challenge my body and a new approach to health and wellness that has changed my life.
The Pilates Body instructors introduced me to new equipment, new lingo and a new exercise regimen. They transformed my understanding of what a tough and effective workout looks like and feels like. They taught me that when I connect with my core, my entire being reaps the benefits. And, they helped me reclaim my ‘forever athlete’ status by redefining my athletic endeavors.
The amazing Pilates Body pros are some of the best coaches I have ever had; they are among the fittest folks I’ve ever known; they practice what they preach relentlessly; they are kind, compassionate and fun; and they treat you like family.
My body is stronger, my mind is sharper, my choices are healthier and my life is better because of The Pilates Body.

Janine M.